Where to find XAMPP 32-bit?

I typed ‘XAMPP’ on quora and found so many questions. I found that there are so many questions about xampp 32 bit.
Where to find XAMPP 32-bit?
Can I install 32 bit XAMPP on Windows 64 bit?
Why does XAMPP have no versions for Windows 32 bit?
Is there any XAMPP download for Xubuntu 32 bit?

and much more….

I will try to answer these question here. As you all know XAMPP is an open source application for Windows, Linux and Mac users. This application is a complete package for developing applications in PHP and Perl and test them on your local server before making it live. Apache server is developed by using databases server MySQL. All these features and tools are included in single XAMPP package, and much more useful tools are included too. Therefore XAMPP is a complete package for developers.

As XAMPP has stopped developing 32 bit version from 2016. Therefore it is somewhat difficult to find a 32 bit version. You may download XAMPP 32 bit and install on your system. Although it will work perfectly but there will be no further updates for the versions. You may find all the builds on Apache friends website under files tab. If your system does not meet the requirements for 64 bit then use 32 bit version. Otherwise 32 bit version not recommended, as latest versions are updated with the updated versions of PHP, MariaDB, Apache, Perl etc.

For checking your system properties, Right click on your PC and then properties. Your system properties will be displayed, if your system shows 64 bit architecture then install 64 bit XAMPP and if it displays 32 bit then install 32 bit.

Since in Ubuntu Apache server, PHP, MySQL, Perl etc may be installed individually from repositories but XAMPP gives an edge to that because all the features come with XAMPP are updated regularly. 64 bit XAMPP is recommended if your system meets the requirements as it is updated regularly.

Updated: February 7, 2020 — 4:24 pm

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