Outdoor Games Vs Indoor Games

Indoor Vs Outdoor Games
Indoor Vs Outdoor Games

Whenever somebody utters the word game, we get excited because games are fun and stress-busters. However, not all people are good with outdoor games and vice versa. There is a huge difference between indoor and outdoor games. 

Indoor games are played inside without any interruption of weather, while outdoor games are played outside in the open air, and bad weather does affect the schedule of games. Indoor games consist of chess, badminton, squash, table tennis, bowling etc. and outdoor games consist of cricket, hockey, football, tennis so and so forth.

Indoor games create good bond between the players as they play in close coordination. Mostly they don’t need a whole good team, that’s why it can be played with family. Outdoor games are highly competitive, and the teams are very versatile and diverse than indoor games.

Both indoor and outdoor games are good exercise as the players mostly keep running, either chasing the ball or throwing the ball away. Along with that there is more thinking in few indoor games such as chess; while, in most outdoor games, skills like attention, concentration and on the spot decisions are necessary.

Indoor games seem to be played quite away from natural environment. For instance, without sunlight, fresh air and closed room. Moreover, indoor games are mostly expensive as compared to outdoor games. Either you need a club membership or need a specific place allocated for the courts etc. Badminton or bowling, for example, needs a complete setup while you can play cricket in any open area in natural surroundings.

Few indoor games like chess and cards are portable and you can carry them easily to any place, while outdoor games equipment is not that easy to carry.

Last but not the least, outdoor games need a complete team and without team one cannot play these games. On the other hand, indoor games are played either individually, or in pairs so you don’t need to collect human resource there.

Games, whether they be indoor or outdoor, are important for both physical and mental health. If one cannot play outside in a rainy day or scorching sun, then they can play indoor games and vice versa. So, play any game and stay fit!

Updated: January 27, 2020 — 12:39 pm

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